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Mormon Battalion

Research articles on the subject of the Mormon Battalion for the San Diego Seagull newspaper by Randy Madsen.

  1. Historical Prelude to the Formation of the Mormon Battalion
  2. Outfitting at Fort Leavenworth and Journey to Santa Fe
  3. The Enlistment of the Mormon Battalion
  4. The Sick Detachments
  5. Cooke’s Wagon Road to San Diego
  6. End of Service and Legacy of the Mormon Battalion
  7. Food Items used by the Mormon Battalion
  8. Medicine During Mormon Battalion Times
  9. 1840s Period Clothing
  10. U.S. Army Dragoons
  11. Military Weapons
  12. Pay, Accouterments and Gear
  13. Military Draft Animals
  14. Origin of the Bulls at Rancho San Bernardino
  15. A Unit of Kearny’s Army of the West
  16. Fort DuPont/Fort Stockton San Diego, Alta California
  17. The “Lost Boys” of the Mormon Battalion – Arrival at San Diego
  18. From Temecula Valley to Mission San Luis Rey
  19. Mormon Battalion and Warner Ranch

Meridian Magazine Article by Sherman Fleek

  1. The Mormon Battalion: A Unique Military Story