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Mormon Gold Book

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Number of pages: 460
Publisher:Granite Mountain Publishing (©2010)
Language: English
Library of Congress Control No.:2010939037
ISBN-13: 9780983083207
ISBN-10: 983083207
Dimensions L x W x H: 11.25 x 8.50 x 1.20 (inches)
Notes: 1st Edition was published in 1984 by Olympus Publishing Company. 978-0913420201

Mormons in the California Gold Rush Contributing to the Development of California and the Monetary Solvency of Early Utah (Second Edition) by J. Kenneth Davies and Lorin K. HansenMORMON GOLD is a must read for anyone interested in the remarkable contributions of Latter Day Saints to California’s mid-nineteenth century economy and culture. In this new addition, scholar Dr. Lorin Hansen provides a masterful revision of Dr. J. Kenneth Davies’ classic study of the California gold rush and the major role Mormons played in it. New insights and fresh research, along with prolific illustrations and excellent maps, introduces the reader to Mormons living and working in Sutter’s Mill and Yerba Buena (San Francisco) in 1848. MORMON GOLD masterfully recounts the ensuing gold rush experience from perspective of some of Mormonism’s earliest and most ardent adherents. The work also details the development of the Great Basin’s first monetary system and Brigham Young’s extraordinary stewardship of gold brought to Utah from California. Regular $49.95 SPECIAL Foundation Price $29.95
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