gold rush settlers

Sam Brannan

This video was done to show those interested in doing first person presentations in schools or other settings, how you might look and the material you could present. Please make sure your information is accurate. If there is question in your mind about the accuracy of your material, just send it to the foundation. Several of the Advisory Board make up State Historic Committee, who are dedicated to approving the accuracy of material being presented to the public.

Remember this should be basically historical, and while the religious side is often needed to show why things were done, we need to be very careful not to be accused of proselytizing.

Note on Sam Brannan:

All of the schools in the state teach about Sam Brannan. It portrays him in a bad light and makes it clear that he was a Mormon. This leaves the student with the negative opinion of Brannan and the Mormon Church in general.

We would strongly encourage you to finish any presentation about Brannan with the fact that when he lived by his principles he was a leader of people in the Church and was able to accomplish many things in his life. He became one of California’s first millionaires. When he lost sight of the righteous principles in his life with the quest for money, he began drinking heavily, being dishonest in his dealings, womanizing, and led the San Francisco Vigilante Committee. He was ex-communicated from the LDS Church and died penniless. His body remained unclaimed in the Los Angeles morgue for two years until a nephew claimed the body and give him a proper burial. Make sure the student gets the message about how important it is to live by righteous principles in their lives.