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California Pioneer Bio-Blog

The purpose of our California Pioneer “Bio-Blog”; is to facilitate the sharing of brief biographical sketches of our California pioneer ancestors and others of whom we possess special knowledge. While we welcome information from previously published sources (appropriately referenced whenever possible,using the bibliographical format of your choice), we are especially eager to receive stories that have been handed down through family history, even if they cannot be completely verified. Sometimes family folklore is as valuable as so-called “hard” history, as even that is often subject to interpretation and is often contradicted by later facts.
In other words, if you know something interesting about an early California pioneer– whether an ancestor or not– and especially if it is not likely to be widely known, we encourage you to share it by posting a blog entry on that individual. All blog entries are monitored and subject to editing for style, content, and (if necessary) length, though
longer entries are certainly welcome so long as they remain relevant and don't wander. Responses to entries are definitely encouraged, so long as everyone remains civil and supportive of our common goal of gaining greater understanding about the remarkable men and women pioneers of early California. If you must disagree, please do so agreeably, in a spirit of humility befitting the fact that history is often a moving target, always subject to new facts and interpretations.
Whenever possible, please include a photo or other image of the subject under discussion. We look forward to furthering the efforts of sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of the California Pioneers.