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Mormon Tavern and Cemetery

Mormon Tavern (Lathrop’s Tavern) in Clarksville was run by Asahael A. Lathrop who was a Captain of Ten in the Mormon migration of 1847. It is believed that he moved to California with the Lyman-Rockwell Party in the spring of 1849. The twenty one room hotel had a great dining hall and saloon. It was not unusual for all of its tables to be occupied by teamsters, while more waited for a second and a third serving. Pony express rider William Hamilton changed horses here on the first eastward trip of the Central Overland Pony Express in 1860.

This was a popular base of operation for Mormon Church leaders in that day, and many of the journals from that period mention various missionaries and Church authorities staying and holding meetings at the tavern. The infamous Orrin Porter Rockwell stayed here for a time.

Near the tavern is a cemetery (which was called Mormon Tavern Cemetery for a period of time) where first inhabitants of the area are buried. One of the discharged members of the Mormon Battalion is buried here.

Getting there:

Take Highway 50 East until you get to El Dorado Hills Blvd (Latrobe Road Exit). Take Latrobe Road, turn right at the bottom of the exit, merge to your left and go .35 miles and turn left on White Rock Road. Continue .90 miles and turn left on Joerger Road Cut Off, proceed past the P.G. & E. substation through an open gate to Clarksville Cemetery. To see the Mormon Tavern Historical Marker return back to the area directly across from the

P. G. & E. substation and on your left you will see a rock monument. On the opposite side of the monument you will find the tavern historical marker.