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Duties Description


The program is under the direction of the Area Presidency and administered through the Northern and Southern California Area Public Affairs Councils.

Multi Stake Historical Committee (A Representative from each stake)

(This could be a retired individual, a couple, or sister.)

  • Under the direction of the Multi Stake Historical Chairman
  • Comprised of a representative from each stake in the multi stake region
  • Representatives should have an interest in pioneer history
  • Meet regularly, monthly if need be
  • Specialists called to the committee if needed
  • Researches, evaluates and advises Multi Stake Director on all historical opportunities in region
  • Evaluates performance of historical event/project and gives recommendation for improvement or continuation or to discontinue activity
  • Reports from Committee are provided to the Multi-stake Director of Public Affairs by the Chairman of the Committee
  • Committee members can fulfill various historical assignments such as docent, re-. enactor, etc.

Historical Specialist

The Mult-Stake Historical Chairman, through the MS DPA, will furnish a list to Stake Presidents of positions needing specific skills to be filled by specialists .

  • Should have interest in pioneer history and activities
  • Receives various historical assignments such as docent, re-enactor, researcher or other related specialties in the Historical Program.
  • Specialists called for specific skills should be proficient in that area
  • Provides costume if needed for historical assignment
  • Serves a sufficient amount of time to be proficient in assignment and where possible serve a minimum of three years to justify the expense of costume and equipment
  • Young adult men and women who may not otherwise qualify for a mission , senior men and women, and those with handicaps – those who cannot serve fulltime missions, can be called to this position.
  • Helps recruit participation in and volunteers for historical events/projects under the direction of the Historical Director
  • Should be enthusiastic and if working with the public,

Sunday Activities

Our Area Authority Seventy over the Living History Program, Elder Merrill F. Higham, after discussions with the various stake presidents, has given the statement that Living History activities which include a Sunday participation, should be considered the same as a missionary activity. Participants are encouraged to attend a Sacrament Service sometime during the day where ever possible. In places like Coloma, the holding of a short religious service by the Living History group has been very popular with spectators. This allows some talks to be given regarding core LDS beliefs. No Sacrament portion is to be conducted during any of these services.