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Thomas Rhoads

The Nebraska State Historical Society has shared the amazing story of struggle, turmoil, fearless pioneering and faith of Thomas Rhoads.

“Thomas Rhoads led a large family group from Missouri to California in 1846. Eventually he settled in Utah, where he held several public and Mormon Church offices. He is said to have been responsible for the secret acquisition of gold for the Mormon mint. Rhodes’ importance to the high mountain country is attested to by the several points and areas named after him. Rhodes Valley, Rhodes Plateau, Rhodes Peak, and Rhodes Creek. The latter three were near Wolf Creek Pass, close to the entrance to the present-day Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation.”

Article Title: Thomas Rhoads, Forgotten Mormon Pioneer of 1846 Full Citation: J Kenneth Davies, “Thomas Rhoads, Forgotten Mormon Pioneer of 1846,” Nebraska History 64 (1983): 81-95

Read on our website about the RHOADS SCHOOLHOUSE, named after a son of Thomas Rhoads, now located in Elk Grove Regional Park.