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Sacramento Historic Trail Award



This is a one-day 5 mile urban hike to remember and experience the California Gold Rush in Sacramento.


  1. Hike the trail as shown on the map in the Trail guide from Sutter’s Fort to Old Sacramento and return (about 5 miles).
  2. Visit the State Capitol and the State Railroad Museum.
  3. A Visit to Sutter’s Fort is recommended. Admission is charged.
  4. File a report with the Golden Empire Council listing the names of Scouts and Scouters that complete the hike.

A Patch may be purchased at the Scout Shop. Contact the Scout Shop at (916) 929-1417 or 1-800-427-1417 to determine price and place an order.

For complete information and to request the Sacramento Historic Trail Guide with maps, hike description and the report for Scouters names, contact

Golden Empire Council, 251 Commerce Circle, Sacramento, CA. 95815, (916) 929-1417,
Toll Free in CA (800) 427-1417