gold rush settlers

Group Presentations

Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. Coloma, CA
(Various events throughout the year)

Sutter's Sawmill

Mormon Cabin

“Mormon Boys” working on the tailrace of the sawmill and discover what appears to be gold.

Telling the story of building the sawmill and discovering gold while living in the “Mormon Cabin.”
Mormon Battalion Days
Old Town San Diego, CA
Crowd Gathers
Horse Drawn Carriage
Mormon Battalion
Swallow’s Day Parade
San Juan Capistrano, CA
US Army of the West
Covered Wagon
Marching Soldiers

Sutter’s Fort Sacramento, CA
(Various events during the year)

John Sutter's Cannon
Encampment with in the fort.
One of the cannons obtained from Capt. John Sutter.
Fort Drills
Frontier Cooking
Drilling at the fort.
Frontier cooking at the fort.

Fort Moore 4th of July Celebration Los Angeles, CA
Commemorating the Mormon Battalion raising the first
American Flag in Los Angeles, July 4, 1847.

Fort Moore
Fort Moore
The Mormon Battalion and Fort Moore group.
Getting ready for the multi-cannon salute.
Fort Moore
Fort Moore
The Fort Moore Mormon Battalion Monument in Downtown Los Angeles.
Very Heavy Media Coverage!
Gold Rush Days
An annual Downtown Crowd Pleaser!
Gold Rush Days Old Town Sacramento, CA

Gold Rush Days
Gold Rush Days
Encampment at Old Town
Talking with the crowd in Old Town.
Gold Rush Days
Gold Rush Days
Dutch oven cooking for the group.
Old Town Scene
Gold Rush Days
The Mormon Battalion Brass Band
Grape Festival Escondido, CA
Grape Festival
Grape Festival
Grape Festival