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San Pasqual Battlefield & Kit Carson District Patch

The Kit Carson District and the San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park have collaborated to offer Scouts of all ages the opportunity to earn a very unique and historic patch. Simply visit the State Historic Park, watch an informative historic video, answer a few questions, take a brief hike and submit an application (and small fee) to one of the volunteers at the visitor’s center and the collectable patch is yours


This patch may be obtained by doing all of the listed activities and answering the following questions:

  1. 1. Visit the San Pasqual Battlefield State Park while in uniform.
  2. 2. After viewing the video “Mr. Polks War,” at the visitor’s center and talking with the park’s interpreter/docents, answer the following questions.
  3. A. What was the term that was circulating around the United States that describes the idea that the country was supposed to eventually be one nation, from coast to coast?
  4. B. When did the war with Mexico begin? When was the Battle of San Pasqual?
  5. C. Who was the American general who fought with the Californios at the Battle of
  6. San Pasqual?
  7. D. Who was the leader of the Californios at the Battle of San Pasqual who would
  8. later serve as a California state senator?
  9. E. Both sides claimed victory. In what way were the Californios the victors and in
  10. what way could the American dragoons claim victory?
  11. F. After the battle, the American army dragoons eventually ended up on a hill near the Westfield Mall and Interstate15. What name did they give that hill and why?
  12. G. What are the names of two of the men who snuck away from the American’s
  13. encircled hill position and made their way to San Diego to get reinforcements from Commodore Stockton?
  14. H. Explain Kit Carson’s contributions to General Kearny and the Army of the West.
  15. I. Name the battalion that arrived in San Diego in January of 1847 that would
  16. strengthen the claim of the dragoon commander in his rightful position as military
  17. governor of California over that of John C, Fremont.
  18. I. Why were Stephen Watts Kearny’s actions in California important to the stability of California?
  19. J. Observe the monuments and plaques located behind the amphitheater and .4
  20. miles west along highway 78. What is written on the plaques?
  21. 3. Hike the San Deiguito River 6 mile trail from the trailhead at Ysabel Creek
  22. Rd/Bandy Canyon Rd to Mule Hill. A map of this segment can be found at the San
  23. Dieguito River Park website:
  24. 4. Submit your correct answers and the following form to one of the volunteers at the desk of the battlefield park’s visitor’s center with your answer sheets and $4.00.